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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wrap Up of August 24 Work Session; Next Session is September 7

Dear Volunteers and Friends:

Our last work session on August 24 was a productive one, with both planned and unplanned work making progress.

Of our two time critical projects, the repacking of all 16 axle and motor bearings on the trucks for JTC #311 was completed.  This enables the car to be retrucked at the next work session on Saturday, September 7. 

More progress was made on NJT #10, but work remains.  Additional work sessions will be scheduled soon as this project needs to reach completion. 

NJT #10 got off to a delayed start thanks to some unplanned work.  The Carbarn #1 sump pump operation was intermittent, and remained so after the pit was mostly pumped out.  Thus, after a "dive" into the pit (actually, it was more like a fishing expedition in filthy water), the pump was removed, partially disassembled, and the malfunctioning float switch cleaned and tested.  A thick plastic bag was also intermittently getting sucked into the discharge pipe.  This was removed as well.  A check valve was added to the discharge line, and after reassembly, the pit dried out and stayed dry in a manner unseen for some time.  Hopefully this will make the conditions in which our volunteers work in a little more inviting.

Retriever rope on the outbound end of car #172 was replaced as well.

Helping with the projects of this day were Budd Blair, Rick Hoffmeister, Jerry Evans, Courtney Brown, and the Nawns (Matt, Matty, Andrew, and Megan).  Nevin Byers and Nicholas Brightbill helped with hostling #10. 

Next Work Session is Saturday, September 7

Our next work session is Saturday, September 7.  Goal for the day is to place JTC #311 on its rebuilt trucks, and possibly remount the air compressor as well.  If interested in helping with this session, please contact Joel Salomon (jdstrolley@ptd.net) as he will be leading this session.

Seems hard to believe it has been more than 5 years since we detrucked the car.
When completed, #311 will be greatly improved mechanically, electrically, structurally, and cosmetically.
Thank you for your support of Rockhill Trolley Museum!
- Matt Nawn