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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pre-Winter Car Maintenance Day - November 16, 2013

Dear Volunteers, Friends, and Interested Parties:

As a reminder, the annual Pre-Winter Car Maintenance Day is tomorrow, November 16.  The weather looks excellent for mid-November!

This is a very important annual work session as this is our final opportunity to ensure our cars are ready for heavy operation in cold weather during the Polar Bear Express and Santa's Trolley events.  Thankfully, we have kept up with maintenance throughout the year due to our dedicated volunteers, but this last "push" is very important.

All skill sets are welcome and useful; especially new volunteers (or volunteers new to electric trolley car maintenance).

Priorities for tomorrow are as follows:

  1. Service both controllers on JTC #355
  2. Service "deadman" foot pedals on JTC #355
  3. Service inbound brake value on JTC #355
  4. Inspect bearing oil levels and add 1 pack of gear tack to each gearbox on JTC #355
  5. Service governors cars 355, 163, 1875, 172, and 249
  6. Service heater knife switches in cars 355 and 163
  7. Install fuses and turn on heat in P&W #205
  8. Lubricate brake valve bodies car 163
  9. Test feel of brake valves car 1875, lubricate as needed
  10. Check oil levels cars 163, 172, 249
  11. Inspect shoes all cars
While this is a long list, we typically are able to get this much work done during this event.

Your help is appreciated!

- Matt Nawn