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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Work Session and Projects for June 15

There will be a Maintenance Department Work Session this coming Saturday, June 15.  Help is needed as two of the museum's most popular cars are current out of service due to failures last weekend.  Work Car day last Saturday is thus followed by a Work Day this Saturday.

The projects are as follows:

York Railways #163
This workhorse of the fleet, and an essential member of the cars used for weekday bus trips, is out of service due to continued issues with the inbound controller not picking up power.  Budd Blair and Fred Walker spend considerable time on May 26 trying to resolve the problems, including rewiring the bonnet switch (controller disconnect/breaker), but the problems returned last weekend.  Some brief troubleshooting last Saturday indicates the ratchet switch may not be picking up but more work is needed.  Budd is planning to resume his efforts on Saturday but could really use a second set of eyes and hands to assist him.
This is the ratchet switch in question; inbound end of York #163, at the bottom of the K68 controller.
CTC Open Car #1875
To save wear and tear, this very popular vehicle in our collection has not been out of the barn much this year to date.  It was put into service last Saturday, but only briefly, as the brake shoe on the outbound end, left side, second axle from the front has come loose and slams against the wheel after the brakes are fully released.  Besides the noise, the shoe is at risk for grabbing the wheel, thus requiring the car to be taken out of service to avoid further damage or a possible derailment.  Troubleshooting is needed.  It could be as simple as a loose, broken, or missing pin; but a full diagnosis and repair is needed.  The car could also use a controller servicing, brake valve lubrication, lubrication of all bearings (most bearings in the car are roller and simply need a few pumps of grease), compressor oil check, and inspection of the compressor brushes.  Joel Salomon has offered to assist a willing volunteer with at least the brake shoe troubleshooting.  It would be great to have this car back in service for our 50th Anniversary on July 6!
JTC #311
As reported on the museum's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/rockhilltrolley; you do not need to be a member of Facebook to visit the site and see the photos); steady progress continues to be made on this car by our contractor, Keith, and the museum volunteers who assist him.  Another work session is scheduled for this weekend.  Projects include hot riveting and installation of the new floor.  No special skills are required.
Posted below are some scenes of recent progress on #311. 
Keith bends new window posts in specially built jig

Removal of the old floor is completed

Both new sides are hung; riveting is still in progress

The first side of the car is really taking shape now

The side bearings have been removed and new hardware will be used to remount them

Thank you for your continued support!

Best wishes,
Matt Nawn