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Friday, June 13, 2014

Help Needed - Multiple Dates - Our U2 LRV is arriving and being reassembled

Dear Volunteers and Friends:

Your help is needed to receive, unload, and reassemble our newly acquired former San Diego MTS U2 Light Rail Vehicle #1019. 

Schedule is as follows; with help needed each day:

Arrival of car sections by highway trailer, unloading, and staging: Thursday, June 19. 

Reassembly preparations: Monday, June 23

Crane on site, reassembly of A and B sections into one unit: Tuesday, June 24

Maintenance and basic functionality training Part I: Wednesday, June 25

Maintenance and basic functionality training Part II: Thursday, June 26

Clean up, other maintenance tasks: Friday, June 27

Being these dates are on weekdays, it is especially important we get volunteer support.  We will have outside assistance with the work from June 23-27; but we have to have volunteer support to receive this help.  Our most critical need for help is Wednesday, June 25, but we need help every one of the days listed if we are to successfully reassemble our Light Rail Vehicle.

Please contact me (mwntrolley@aol.com) if you are able to assist, and for which days.

June 23-27 is museum's annual week-long work session, with overhead wire work and brush cutting planned as well.  Help is needed in these areas as well; if able to support this work, please contact Henry Long, Track & Wire Department Head at trackman1978@hotmail.com.

We are only a few steps away from getting this vehicle reassembled and back to operating condition.
Your help can make this happen!

In 1981, San Diego was thrilled with its "New Trolley". 
In 2014, we are thrilled with our "new trolley" too.
I look forward to working with you soon!  Thank you for your help.
Best wishes,
Matt Nawn