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Friday, August 23, 2013

Maintenance Department Update - Next Work Session August 24 & Wrap Up of August 17 session

Dear Volunteer:

Rockhill Trolley Maintenance Department is having another work session this coming Saturday, August 24.  Your help is needed with the following projects:

  • Continue work on the voltage regulator and low voltage system on former NJ Transit PCC Car #10 (if all goes well, the car may run under its own power since the car was retired August 24, 2001).

  • Finish repacking the remaining bearings on the overhauled Brill 77E trucks from Johnstown Traction Company #311
New volunteers are always welcome to join in and learn what we do as Rockhill Trolley Museum's "pit crew".

Last Saturday, August 17, was a very busy and productive day.  Much work was accomplished then and during this past week, including:

  • Repairs to the inbound brake valve on STCP #172, returning the car to service

  • Continued progress on the voltage regulator repairs to NJT PCC Car #10

  • Continued progress on repacking the journal bearings in the JTC #311 trucks

  • Controller maintenance (heavy duty) on STCP #249

  • Brake valve lubrication on CTC #1875

  • Electrical investigation of IT Sweeper #3
Assisting with this work was Budd Blair (multiple days), Jerry Evans, George Rich, Courtney Brown, Bill Monaghan, Fred Walter, and Matt Nawn.

Work on NJT #10 continued into the night last Saturday.
My thanks to the volunteers and donors who make all this possible!
Want to help financially with a future project?  Visit the Rockhill Trolley Museum homepage (www.rockhilltrolley.org) to assist with the following:
Buy a desk model of PTC #2743 for yourself and help restore the real thing:
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Maintenance Department Work Session - Saturday, August 17

Dear Volunteer:

Rockhill Trolley Museum Maintenance Department is having a work session this Saturday, August 17.  It will be a busy day with the following projects scheduled:

- Service and repair inbound brake valve on STCP #172

- Continue electrical work on former NJT PCC Car #10

- Finish packing the journal bearings on the Brill 77E trucks for Johnstown Traction Company #311

All of these projects are priorities at present.  The repairs to #172 will enable this car to return to service with Operations Department.  The return to operation of NJT #10 will enable it to leave the museum for its new owner and start the process of delivery of a U2 Light Rail Vehicle to the museum schedule for this fall.

A work session is tentatively schedule for Saturday, August 24, with the sole purpose being the re-trucking of JTC #311.  The journal bearing packing must be completed this weekend if the car is to ride again on its original trucks (which have been completely rebuilt).

I hope you can join me this Saturday in Rockhill Furnace.  Based on commitments to date, we should have a decent shop crew size to make the work easier.  But more help is needed!

I apologize that I have not updated this site in 2 months.  It has been a busy time at the museum with the 50th Anniversary being celebrated July 6, following by the second annual PCC Car Day three weeks later.  Both events went off flawlessly and had a good turnout of members and friends (especially the 50th Anniversary Event).

Work has not stopped, however!  In the past 2 months many tasks have been completed, including the following:

- PSCT #6: readjustment of shaft brakes and installation of new batteries

- JTC #311: start of journal bearing repacking as well as extensive work on the carbody

- STCP #172: replacement of a leaking governor gasket

- JTC #355: controller maintenance

- York #163: controller maintenance

- SEPTA #2743: thorough inspection and servicing

- STCP #249: compressor inspection (electrical side)

- SEPTA #205: compressor inspection (electrical side) and rooftop wiring inspection.

- CTC#1875: brake rigging inspection

- Multiple cars: pole and harp maintenance, including carbon insert and show inspection and replacement as necessary

My thanks to all of the volunteers and specialty contractors who make this possible!

- Matt Nawn