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Monday, November 23, 2015

Summary of Work Accomplished during 11/21/2015 Work Session

Dear Volunteers and Friends:

This past Saturday's work session was a productive one, ensuring our cars are ready to carry the crowds we hope to entertain during our annual Winter Events.  The following is a summary of the work accomplished on each vehicle:

San Diego MTS #1019: Both harps were inspected; the trolley shoe and carbon insert at the inbound end was replaced.

STCP #172: The inbound end controller received a thorough servicing and the governor was inspected and serviced.

York Railways Co. #163: The governor was inspected and serviced.  Both controllers received a light servicing.  The compressor was inspected and the electrical end was cleaned.  All journal bearings were checked and topped off as needed.  The side bearings were checked to ensure they were sufficiently greased.

Johnstown Traction Company #355: Both controllers received a light servicing.  The governor was inspected and serviced.  The side bearings where checked to ensure they were sufficiently greased.

Philadelphia Transportation Company #2743: Door #2 was adjusted, tested, and returned to service.  Door #1 was secured against operation and the fuse pulled; this door set remains out of service when the car is operated.

None of this would have been possible without the volunteer service of (in no particular order) Jerry Evans, Fred Walter, Jim Cohen, Budd Blair, George Rich, Bill Monaghan, and your author.  All of these individuals helped until dusk (or later).  Thank you Maintenance Crew!

While not a Car Maintenance Project, the Museum looks FABULOUS thanks to the recent decorating efforts by our dedicated volunteers.  Be sure to see their efforts at:

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Best wishes,
Matt Nawn

Friday, November 20, 2015

Rockhill Trolley Museum Work Session Scheduled for November 21, 2015

Dear Volunteers and Visitors:

My apologies for letting this blog lapse for more than a year.  There has been plenty of car maintenance and associated projects going on at the Rockhill Trolley Museum in the past year; there just hasn't been as much time available to write about them.

With a new year brings new opportunities, and as such my plan is to get this blog going again. 

Anyway, first things first.  There is a Car Maintenance Session scheduled for tomorrow at Rockhill Trolley Museum to ensure our equipment is prepared for heavy use during the annual Winter Events.  Projects planned for tomorrow are as follows:

- Service (change filters, clean, lubricate, inspect) governors in cars 172, 249, 163, 355
- Inspect fluid levels cars 163 and 249
- Lubricate walkover seats car 163
- Inspect compressor brushes Plow 10
- Service inbound controller car 172
- Adjust front doors car 2743

Help is needed and appreciated.  New faces always welcome.

Looking ahead to the Winter and early Spring, the following projects are goals for the offseason:

- Comprehensive inspection and servicing car #402
- Brake inspection and adjustments to car #107 (possible repairs to air system as well)
- Complete door replacement car #6 followed by comprehensive inspection and servicing to return car to service for 2016 operating season
- Investigate heater problem car #205

Finally, one last item of recent note.  While not a car maintenance project per se, Maintenance Department Volunteers led the efforts to retruck former PST/SEPTA Car #23 as well as coordinate and lead the efforts to ship this car from Rockhill Furnace to its new home in Newtown Square, PA and unload it at its new home.  A few photos follow of this work.

Car #23 has just been loaded on the Silk Road trailer.  The broad gauge trucks were loaded first, followed by the carbody which was set on its trucks on the trailer. 

Car #23 departing Rockhill Furnace

Car #23 arrives the following morning at the Newtown Square Pennsylvania Railroad Museum

 Unloading in Newtown Square

Once unloaded, volunteers and staff tarped the roof for winter protection
The unloading crew poses for a final photo
Best wishes,
Matt Nawn