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Monday, November 23, 2015

Summary of Work Accomplished during 11/21/2015 Work Session

Dear Volunteers and Friends:

This past Saturday's work session was a productive one, ensuring our cars are ready to carry the crowds we hope to entertain during our annual Winter Events.  The following is a summary of the work accomplished on each vehicle:

San Diego MTS #1019: Both harps were inspected; the trolley shoe and carbon insert at the inbound end was replaced.

STCP #172: The inbound end controller received a thorough servicing and the governor was inspected and serviced.

York Railways Co. #163: The governor was inspected and serviced.  Both controllers received a light servicing.  The compressor was inspected and the electrical end was cleaned.  All journal bearings were checked and topped off as needed.  The side bearings were checked to ensure they were sufficiently greased.

Johnstown Traction Company #355: Both controllers received a light servicing.  The governor was inspected and serviced.  The side bearings where checked to ensure they were sufficiently greased.

Philadelphia Transportation Company #2743: Door #2 was adjusted, tested, and returned to service.  Door #1 was secured against operation and the fuse pulled; this door set remains out of service when the car is operated.

None of this would have been possible without the volunteer service of (in no particular order) Jerry Evans, Fred Walter, Jim Cohen, Budd Blair, George Rich, Bill Monaghan, and your author.  All of these individuals helped until dusk (or later).  Thank you Maintenance Crew!

While not a Car Maintenance Project, the Museum looks FABULOUS thanks to the recent decorating efforts by our dedicated volunteers.  Be sure to see their efforts at:

Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Best wishes,
Matt Nawn


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