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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Electroliner/Liberty Liner - Next Work Session is Saturday, February 8; Report of February 4 Work Session

Dear Volunteers, Friends, and Visitors:

Rockhill Trolley Museum will be having another work session focused on the Electroliner/Liberty Liner #803-804 "Independence Hall" this coming Saturday, February 8.  New volunteers and additional help are always welcome.

Tasks for Saturday are as follows:

- Crimp on new terminal and re-connect ground wire from condenser to carbody under car #804A1
- Crimp new terminals on battery box leads and install batteries
- Inspect MG set and ensure brushes are free; clean brushholders as necessary
- Inspect outbound (#804) end motors; clean brushholders as necessary
- Inspect two functioning compressors; clean brushholders/communtators as necessary; check oil levels
- Grease brake slides on each truck
- Testing
Budd Blair and Matt Nawn participated in the work session this past Tuesday, along with some help from Nicholas Brightbill after he got home from school.  The wiring to the new resistor grids under car #804A1 is completed.  See below.
Finally, a correction is in order.  The report of the January 25 work session neglected to mention that Lance Myers and Nevin Byers assisted with the towing of NJT #10 (and perhaps most importantly, got the sometimes balky M-25 diesel to start).  My apologies for the omission!
I hope to see you at Rockhill Furnace this Saturday.
Best wishes,
Matt Nawn

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